Welcome to Nature's Nursery - Children's Nurseries in Ascot and Royton
Welcome to Nature's Nursery - Children's Nurseries in Ascot, Middleton and Royton

We at Nature's Nursery are committed to excellence in childcare, offering the highest standards of professionalism to our children. We provide a warm, safe, stimulating and caring environment where we can develop the children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills.

Our children have a fun-packed day at our nurseries covering a wide range of activities, designed to encourage confidence, independence and to build on their natural curiosity.

Outdoor play is a vital part of our philosophy in the education of our young charges. We believe in a healthy body and mind approach. We, at Nature's Nursery, are fortunate to have fantastic outdoor facilities which allow our young charges to play, learn and explore in safe, secure and inviting surroundings.

We now have children's nurseries covering Ascot and Royton!