Class Groups
Class Groups

We separate our children into three age groups to enable us to best meet their individual needs. These groups are the 'Little Learners and Bright Sparks' group (aged 3 months up to 2 years), the 'Clever Clogs' group (aged 2 up to 3 years) and the 'High Flyers' group (aged 3-5 years). Each class group ensures that the children receive the very best age appropriate care at all times.

Little Learners and Bright Sparks (0-2 yrs)

Little Learners at Nature's Nursery

The baby toddler room is dedicated to the care and nurture of young babies through to 2 years of age, equipped with cots, toys and prams for walks on fine days. The room is large and spacious with a varied selection of equipment planned to encourage all round development of our little ones.

Musical instruments, books and story-time, songs and dancing, sensory and tactile materials are used to stimulate these young minds and allow them to learn about the world around them. Our babies and toddlers also have their own craft and dining area where they can enjoy sand and water, plasticine, painting and other malleable play.

Clever Clogs Room (2-3 yrs)

Clever Clogs Room at Nature's Nursery

This is our room that's dedicated to the 2-3's age group. Again this room is equipped with a whole range of age related toys and learning tools. We build on all the activities learned in the ‘Little Learners and Bright Sparks' room.

These older children will now be gaining more experience with drawing and writing skills, as well as baking, painting and play dough activities. ‘Messy' play and meal times will take place in the Craft Room. Role play, home corner and story time will mainly take place in their own dedicated room.

High Flyers Pre-School Room (3 yrs +)

High Flyers Pre-School Room at Nature's Nursery

The EYFS goals are the six main areas of young children's development and learning. They set out what most children are expected to achieve by the end of the Foundation Stage (the end of the reception year).

These areas of learning will be introduced in ways that are suitable for all our age groups but are particular evident with the high flyers pre school children. These learning goals are:

  • Personal, social and emotional development: Children will develop confidence and independence while learning to concentrate and to enjoy sharing as part of a group
  • Communication, language and literacy: Learn about communicating with one another and develop skills in talking, listening, writing and reading
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy: Use ideas about numbers, quantity, measurement, shape and space
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world: Investigate and begin to understand the things, places and people around them
  • Physical Development: Improve control and coordination of their bodies while learning to move and to handle equipment
  • Creative Development: Find ways to communicate by using colour, shape, sound, texture, movement and stories

The older children use advanced techniques such as the jolly phonics system to develop language and literacy which is consistent with the teaching methods used in local schools. We also provide computer based educational software for our children.