Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Clothes & Uniform

Given our fantastic outdoor facilities, children will be taken outside each day as part of their nursery routine. We ask for all children to have a sun hat and sun cream for the summer months, and hat scarf, gloves and wellington boots for the colder weather. Also, a spare set of clothing will also be required and retained at the nursery. Whilst every effort is taken to protect your child's clothes, Nature's nursery cannot be held responsible for clothes lost, soiled or damaged.

Illness, Sickness and Medication

For the protection of your child and other children in the nursery we ask that you do not send your child to nursery if they are infectious or ill. In the event of any form of gastro-enteritis/sickness/diarrhoea/eye infection it is essential that you do not bring your child to nursery. Legislation restricts you from returning your child to nursery until the child has been cleared of all symptoms for 48 hours.

If your child becomes unwell at nursery a parent or guardian will be contacted and asked to collect them. We request that all parents ensure that their contact list on the Registration form is kept up to date and that they include at least one local contact who would be able to collect your child should they become ill while attending nursery. In the event of a serious illness we reserve the right to contact the emergency services or a local doctor.

If your child requires medication whilst at nursery, you will be asked to complete a medication form allowing the supervisor to administer it. The medication should be taken home each day unless your child has a long term prescription.

In addition should your child develop a high temperature whilst at the nursery, with your prior consent, we are able to administer a single dose of Calpol. Any accidents however minor during nursery time will be logged and parents or guardians are then informed and asked to sign our procedures log.

Discipline Policy

Physical punishment of any description is strictly prohibited. A child is never left alone, unsupervised or isolated as a punishment. All staff are expected to encourage socially acceptable behaviour by praise and practice.

Any sanctions applied take into consideration the age and stage of development of the child and he/she is always told why his/her behaviour is unacceptable and the reasons for applying a particular sanction.

Any unacceptable behaviour is discussed with the child at the time in a language he/she can understand. A consistent method of dealing with an individual child is arrived at by discussions with the Manager and where necessary with the parent.

Manners, apologising, sharing, and taking turns will be part of teaching the children social skills. The happiest children are those that know self discipline and boundaries between right and wrong.

We reserve the right to exclude any child that is severely destructive or where terms and conditions have been breached in any part. We also reserve the right to terminate this agreement if any person who is responsible for your child is abusive towards or acts in an inappropriate manner towards or in front of any other child or member of staff.

Child Protection

The safety and wellbeing of a child is our first concern and we will need to take appropriate action if we feel that a child is at risk.

We follow the guidelines set out in the children's Act 1989. Any signs of emotional, sexual or physical abuse will be reported to the relevant social services department.


Nature's Nursery has a 24 hour security surveillance system and all doors into the nursery will be locked at all times.

The nursery must be informed ahead of time if there are any changes in the collection of your child. The parent or guardian of the child in question will be asked to complete an authorisation form. Any person not known to the nursery staff will not be allowed to remove a child without confirmation from the parent or guardian. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Equal Opportunities

Nature's Nursery follows the guidelines set out by OFSTED and is therefore subject to regular inspections. We operate under the equal opportunities scheme; discrimination with regard to religion, gender or disability has no place in our nursery and will not be tolerated.

Solicitation of Staff

In the event of a staff member being directly or indirectly solicited by a parent/guardian to provide care for their own child/children then the parent/guardian will be liable to pay Nature's Nursery a sum equivalent to 3 months gross salary for the employee at the time their employment with Nature's Nursery was terminated.

Complaints Procedure

Should you have any concerns with your child's experience at Nature's Nursery we follow the complaints procedure set down by OFSTED:

  • In the first instance please speak to your child's key worker.
  • Speak to the Manager either informally or by making an appointment for a formal meeting if preferred
  • If the concerns raised above have not been addressed within a reasonable timescale agreed (this may vary according to the nature of the concern) or if the problem reoccurs, then the concern may be put in writing to the Manager/Proprietor and a meeting arranged to discuss the matter further.

If the issue has not been addressed to your satisfaction, you may wish to contact The Office for Standards in Education at the following address:

OFSTED Early Years
Application Team
3rd Floor North Royal Exchange Building
St Anne's Square
M2 7LA

Tel 0845 601 4772

Withdrawal Notice

One months written notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from the nursery or one month fees in lieu thereof. One months notice in writing is required should you wish to change your child's sessions.